Invasion Of Privacy A Novel By Christopher Reich

While meeting with a confidential informant, Mary Grant’s husband, Joe, an FBI agent, is killed on a distant, dusty street outside Austin, Texas. The official record puts blame on Joe’s shoulders, however, the story just does not add up and Mary prods the FBI to investigate. There are simply too many questions. Meanwhile, Ian Prince, founder of a single tech, the world’s biggest Internet business, has his own worries regarding the FBI looking into Joe Grant’s passing.

Prince’s new innovation, the Titan supercomputer, is set to start, also Mary’s pursuit of the truth could lead him to trouble. With the support of her daughter, Jessie, a brilliant hacker, she takes over her husband’s evaluation, placing herself and her whole family at the crosshairs of among the most effective men in the USA, along with the most recent and most frightening surveillance system ever made.

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