Introducing Food Science Second Edition

Having an easy-to-read format and innovative segments like Looking Back, Understand This! This newly revised second edition retains the attributes that made the first edition so well enjoyed while adding updated information in addition to new tables, figures, exercises, and problems.

See What is New in the Second Edition:

  • New chapter Sustainability and Distribution
  • Around 60 new tables and figures
  • The new segment at the conclusion of every chapter with issues/exercises to test understanding
  • Today includes a glossary

The book includes four sections with each one building on the prior section to offer a logical structure and cohesiveness. It contains a collection of issues towards the end of each chapter to help students examine their capacity to comprehend the content and also to give instructors a reservoir for assignments, class discussions and evaluation questions. A minimum of one difficulty at the conclusion of every chapter involves a calculation so that pupils can reinforce their organizational abilities. The text introduces the fundamentals of food science and then building on this base, investigates it sub-disciplines. The well-rounded presentation conveys both industrial and scientific viewpoints, providing an actual taste of food science and preparing students for future research in this discipline.

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