Hybrid Electric Vehicles Gives An Introduction To Hybrids

Hybrid Electric Vehicles gives an introduction to hybrids, including only electric, hybrid electric, hybrid, fuel cell phones, plug-in hybrid electric, and off-road hybrid vehicular systems. It centers on the energy and propulsion systems for these vehicles, such as problems associated with electricity and energy direction. Other issues covered include hybrid vehicle pure electrical, HEV system structure (such as plug-in & charging controller and hydraulic), off-road along with additional industrial utility vehicles, safety and EMC, storage technology, vehicular energy and power control, diagnostics and prognostics, and electromechanical vibration problems.


New areas covered include battery life, charger layout, and wireless charging. Substantial details also have been included on the design of hybrid excavators from the chapter associated with specific hybrids. Also included is a chapter providing a summary of hybrid technology, which provides an outlook on the present discussion on the environmental effect of electric and hybrid vehicle technology.


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